To comply jointly with the requirements of REACH-like Regulations for non-EU countries and the Globallly Harmonized System (GHS)
The members of the CIPER Consortium collaborate in order to comply jointly with the requirements of the REACH-like Regulations for chemical substances under the scope of the Consortium
Thanks to this collaboration they can minimize the economic impact due to the compliance of the emerging regulations, sharing the information generated for the registered substances under the scope of this Consortium in EU REACH
The information is always treated confidentially. In order to assure this, the CIPER Consortium has an external Trustee, Mr. Spyros Pappas, lawyer with a professional office located in Brussels.
Complex Inorganic Products for Emerging Regulations was created in 2017 as the result of the merging of the Frit Consortium non-EU group and the Complex Inorganic Pigments for Emerging Regulations Consortium. These two entities were constituted in 2014 and 2015 respectively and their members belong to the Frit and IP Consortia for REACH compliance in Europe.


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