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Fenzi is the worldwide leader in chemicals for the glass processing industry. The company was established in 1941 as producer of mirror backing paints. Now these paints are the most used paints worldwide and are daily used in more than 70 countries in the five continents. The largest division of Fenzi is the insulating glass one. Fenzi produces polysulphide, butyl, hot-melt and polyurethane sealants for insulating glass marketed worldwide by the Glass Alliance Network.

Fenzi produces also two different types of decorative paints for glass suited to all types of applications - architecture, interior design, home appliance, automotive, glass packaging. These range of enamels ensure the highest levels of performance and the utmost freedom of expression.

Whatever your field, Fenzi not only ensure high levels of performance (often the highest), but also the peace of mind that comes from the total reliability, durability over the time, ease-of-use and customer service designed to understand and meet the needs of those in the glass processing industry.


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