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Fritta was founded in Vila-real (Castellón, Spain) in 1973. Our activity is based on the design, manufacture and sale of ceramic frits, enamels, standard digital inks and colours. Our experience drives us to believe ever more strongly in our own product, accepting the mission and the challenge of positioning ceramics as materials without bounds for construction, decoration, and architecture, current and future.

Currently, Fritta designs and develops its products mainly in Spain, at its installations in Onda (Castellón) as well as at its principal production plants distributed around the world.

The international expansion that the Member has undergone over recent decades has allowed it to have greater operability around the world, making customer service flexible and streamlining it as an added source of value to be taken on board. Fritta is present today on three continents through its operating subsidiaries in Italy, Portugal, Vietnam, Mexico, India and Russia.


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