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Smalticeram is a market leader in the production of materials for applications on ceramic bodies. Over 45 years of experience in the ceramic sector.

A continuously evolving group whose reference points within the global market are high quality, customer service and reliability.

Smalticeram proposes a business model in which the client is a partner in sharing experience and expertise over a direct pathway that turns into synergy, up to the achievement of common goals.

Smalticeram guarantees its widespread presence in the primary ceramic production districts worldwide. Thanks to its logistic headquarters located in strategic areas, Smalticeram can ensure efficiency and promptness.

At the base of a perfect result there is a matter capable of moulding to meet the requirements of a market which is in a constant state of flux. Thanks to an ongoing research, Smalticeram daily updates its product range through an operating system suitable for all types of production: from traditional double firing to the modern porcelain stoneware. Vitreous complexes (glass frits) with different fusibility, preparation bases and coating glazes, colouring oxides for all needs, special grits for dry and wet applications, atomised glazes for technical stoneware, colour inks and special inks for the latest generation inkjet technologies.


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