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Torrecid is a Globalized Multinational Business Group founded in 1963, dedicated to providing products, services, solutions and future trends to the Ceramic and Glass Sector.

Torrecid Group is present in more than 27 countries around the world with customers in more than 130 countries. Its headquarters are located in Alcora - Castellón, in Spain.

Torrecid was created on 15 August 1963 when its founder and chairman, Mr. Federico Michavila Pallarés, started a small plant in Alcora, occupying 392 sqm, where a staff of 8 produced 800 tonnes of frit yearly. In 1978, Mr. Federico Michavila Heras, the current chairman and CEO, joined Torrecid. He led the change with a new vision for the business, and together with his team transformed a small family company into a Global Multinational Worldwide Leader.


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